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barbz leaked Tomi Lahren's phone number and they're spamming the living hell out of her NSHSJJSDJSJ she's braver than the US marines for evening @'ing Nicki Minaj... let's all just mind our business and let Nicki stans do gods work.

Look what @twitter sent me. I never implied I was @NICKIMINAJ or tried to impersonate her. I simply had her as my profile pic. Are you going to suspend millions of stan accounts then? Nicki was following me too.

Nicki: Leaking numbeeeeers? What typa bird shit are you tawlkin about, bitch?!

The Barbz:

The Barbz leaving twitter after doing GOD’S work of leaking Tomi Lahren Phone number and WhatsApp

The Barbz pulling up to Tomi Lahren’s front door after they used her leaked number to track her to her address

tomi lahren rlly got her number leaked by the barbz 😭😭😭 see when u do clownery

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Tomi Lahren was very secured and safe with Cardi B Untilllllll she went for Nicki Minaj. They leaked her Number and her WhatsApp is Hot 😂 😂 😂

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B collaborating for a mutual dragging of Tami Lasagna is 100% what the American people need/deserve.

Idk why people keep messing with Nicki Minaj as if the barbz aren’t gonna ruin their entire life like they have nothing to lose they’re insane 😭 m